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MM2 Car Skin Changer
Version 2008.8
Count: 29805
1. About program

This program was created to make cars more interesting. MM2CSC changes colors of the car by adding (replacing and also deleting) new colors using additional textures packs. New verion can also install add-ons (new interior, tune ...)

2. What's new in 2008.8?
  • Italian translation made by Franch88 - details in readme
  • French translation made by Riva - details in readme
     What's new in 2008.4?
  • German translation made by Niggie - details in readme
     What's new in Evo 0.92?
  • fixed problem with addons downloading
     What's new in Evo 0.91?
  • support for MM2GL
     What's new in Evo 0.9?
  • fixed few bugs
  • changed error messages
     What's new in Evo 0.87?
  • support for http redirect (MCT server)
  • protection for users' colors

Download (1MB) beta version of user manual
Download (0.1MB) tutorial which shows how to add own color

MM2 City Toolkit
Version 2008.03
Count: 18703
1. About program

MM2 City ToolKit is a complex tool which allow you to easy create city for MM2. MM2CT started as graphics INST editor and next came 3DS importing function. Now the most important part of program is 3D importer, the rest is just addons, you don't have to use it. Whole city is created in 3D Studio or ZModeler (or other programs which can export file to .3DS). You create builds, trees, roads, etc. (you have to use special names) in one file and place them in proper position.

Everything is done in 3D Studio/ZModeler. Then the city is exported to .3DS and imported in my program. MM2CT creates:
  • pkg files with all necessary objects (bodies, bound,...)
  • inst file which set positions of objects in game (it also calculates block numbers for objects)
  • props.pathset file which set positions of breakable objects
  • decals.pathset file which set positions of decals
  • bai file which adds traffic to city

As I wrote MM2CT has many function:
  • 3DS importer - imports city from .3DS and creates necessary files
  • graphic INST Editor - it allows to easly change position of objects
  • advanced INST Editor - for people who like numbers
  • advanced PATHSET Editor - for people who like numbers
  • bai generator (from BAI.TXT) - generates .BAI from description
  • bai generator (from .PSDL) - generates description from .PSDL and then creates .BAI
  • AR maker - creates AR file which contains city (for people who don't like to use WinZip )
  • PGK browser - it works similar to image browser, but it shows contents of files in 3D - it helps to browse standard PKG files from game

2. What's new
  • 2008.03.17 - increased maximum number of textures
  • 2007.12.26 - misc. improvements and bug fixing
  • 2007.10.17 - updates in user manual, new city has been included to show train, ferry and sailboat features
  • 2007.10.17 - updates in user manual, new city has been included to show train, ferry and sailboat features
  • 2007.10.16 - lot of improvements and bug fixing
  • 2007.06.10 - importing more than one .3ds file at once
  • 2007.05.20 - bug fixing, support for multi paintjobs for INST objects, new object MAP_ (the city map can be generated from it)
  • 2007.02.04 - improvement, bug fixing, new bai implementation
  • 2007.01.01 - mainly speed improvement, some bug were fixed too
  • ...

Read news and features description
Download (2MB) user manual (contains sample city)
On-line version of user manual
Download (3MB) sample city

MM2 Ultimate Tweaker
Version 2007.4
Count: 10979
Very often you complain that the car's handling or performance aren't good and you want to change it. To allow it, some tuning features were introduced in MM2CSC. These features allow you to change mechanical and optical tune. But MM2CSC wasn't designed for it and changing tuning parameters in the program isn't easy and comfortable. It was enough reason to develop new "ultimate tuning tool" and this is how MM2UT was born.

MM2UT is a tool that allows you to change tuning parameters of the car. In current version it allows to:
  • change optical tuning (suspension settings),
  • change mechanical tuning (tune parameters),
  • change cameras,
  • make car unbreakable,
  • remove damage textures if there are any.
In future version paint jobs management is planned.

The program doesn't need any car ids and thing like that. It's able to guess paintjobs suffixes. Because of that "intelligence", MM2UT is able to tweak almost every MM2 cars, not only made by HQTM. This my stays in conflict with car copyright, so please BEFORE USING THIS TOOL ASK CAR'S AUTHOR ABOUT PERMISSION. If we are talking about HQTM's cars, you are allowed to modify the cars for your private use.

MM2 Dashboard Placer
Version 2007.6
Count: 14907
1. About program

Making dashboard for MM2 isn't difficult and if you have experience, you do it really fast. Unfortunately many people have problem with it. To help them, I decided to make MM2 DashboardPlacer. This program helps in dashboard positioning. It can also create simple dashboard from template (without ZModeler)

2. What's new
  • 2007.06.10 - two bugs fixed
  • 2007.02.04 - small improvements
  • 2006.12.10 - a lot of new features, for example view zooming
  • 2005.07.11 - fixed conversion problem
  • 2005.07.11 - first release

MM2 Game Loader
Version 2007.9
Count: 4328
This program was created to solve problems with police cars and shared files like new materials once forever. You can forget about vehtypes.csv. You don't need to update addon_vehtypes.ar or use tools like MM2 Addonvehtypes Builder. MM2GL can do much more and much easier. It works also as mod manager and allows to turn mods on/off.

Just save it on the disk and run. It asks you for game directory. You can also define EXE file name in MM2GameLoader.cfg if you don't use Midtown2.exe (it's default value).

When you run MM2GL the program scans game directory and checks available files. It searchs for .ar and .ar_off files and displays them in the list. You can turn on/off selected mod. The program informs also about mod conflicts so it should help you to resolve many problems. When you finish mod managing, just click "Run the game".

What's new
  • 2007.09.09 - fixed case sensitive problem in cars name
  • 2007.02.04 - speed and compatibility improvement

More details and example of use is in readme file and on the forum

MM2 Vehicle Viewer
Version 2007.2
Count: 19338
This program was created to help you create paintjobs for our cars. MM2VV can open model from archive and load custom textures, so you don't have to run MM2 to check results of you work.
Image Garage by Kamill & bkdi 1.2MB (Count: 3615) - additional "3d background" for the program
Image Car-Service by Grisp 0.3MB (Count: 1724) - additional "3d background" for the program (1.61 or newer)

TEX Manager
TEX Manager
Version Evo 0.34
Count: 6921
TEX Manager features:
  • show TEX, TGA, JPG files
  • you can choose mipmap level which you can see when you work with TEX files
  • conversions from TGA to TEX
  • conversions from TEX to TGA
  • support 4 versions of TEX format (P8,PA8,RGB888,RGBA8888) - check this for detials
  • support 2 versions of TGA format (color-mapped with/without alpha channel and uncompressed RGB 24bit/32bit)
  • convert TEX P8 to TGA color-mapped without alpha channel
  • convert TEX P8A to TGA 32 bit or to 2 TGA color-mapped files
  • convert TEX RGB888 to TGA 24 bit
  • convert TEX RGBA888 to TGA 32 bit
  • convert TGA color-mapped without alpha channel to TEX P8
  • convert TGA color-mapped with alpha channel in separate file to TEX P8A
  • convert TGA color-mapped with alpha channel to TEX P8A
  • convert TGA 24 bit to TEX RGB888
  • convert TGA 32 bit to TEX RGBA8888
  • automatic scale and create additional mipmaps level when you convert from TGA to TEX
  • can read TEX parameters from destination TEX file (if file exsits)
What's new in Evo 0.34?
  • not allow to create too many mipmaps
What's new in Evo 0.33?
  • problem with big textures solved
What's new in Evo 0.32 Beta?
  • new scaling algorithm
  • disabled "Map Count" field
  • disabled convert TGA color-mapped with alpha channel in separate file to TEX P8A
What's new in Evo 0.31 Beta?
  • fixed problem with mipmaps
What's new in Evo 0.3 Beta?
  • fixed problem with conversion from TEX P8A to TGA
  • added conversion of selected files to TEX
  • integration with system (Covert item in contex menu of TEX and TGA files)

ZModeler 1.07 PKG Filter
Count: 5552
It's changed standard PKG filter which offers support for:
  • vehicle reflection control
  • creating objects for cities (building, parked cars)
  • reference for external objects
Please read description of building creation and vehicle reflections.