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Our short history

First time, cars (made by HummFred) appeared in Midtown Madness Center. We didn't have in those days our own web site. In the meantime site www.hummer.w.pl (polish verison only) about vehicle HUMMER was started and there (in section pliki) our next cars (i.a. Humvee) appeared. Site was placed on Interia and that caused some limitations (file size and bandwidth).

Because of these difficulties and with Tr@pi's help, Midtown Madness 2 HummFred Corner was created (you can still watch the rest of that site here) at Midtown Madness Center. New place = new possibilities. There were no more problems with file size and bandwidth, the appearance of site was changed (unfortunately we don't have any screenshot of that skin) and english version was created. We developed also MM2CSC, which can manage colors in cars. Next we started work on Renault Laguna Grandtour II (Qrczak's idea) and then we started thinking about organizing a "team".

HummFred can make cars, Maxoff helps him in this job. Tr@pi was first beta-tester of our "cars" (in those days cars weren't too much pretty). He was finding bugs and helping in publication, so we offered him to join team. We met Qrczak when we were working on Fiat 125p. He recorded sounds for that car. He made also correction for tuning and tunings for many HummFred's cars. Finally, we offered him to join team too and then HQTM-Team came into being.

Change skin We created logo quickly. Official date of our team creation is the date of publishing our first car (Laguna). Unfortunately we found out that downloading files from MMC is troublesome for foreigners. We contacted administrator of GameHorizons and he offered us web hosting on fast server. On 2003.04.30 we moved our site from www.midtown.xcom.pl/jpg to www.hqtm-team.gamehorizons.net. We published next cars, add-ons and we became more popular :).
On 2004.01.31 we changed appearance of our site again. Then, after about one year of being hosted on GameHorizons new problems arised because we exceeded bandwidth limit of month. Our site became more popular than we thought. We didn't want to leave GameHorizons, but situation determined us to find new server, because we didn't want to be a problem for GameHorizons' administrator, as we owe him much. We found help at DJ Decibel from MM2 eXtreme who offered us space on server without transfer limitations. First we moved files, and then finally whole site, to new place (address www.hqtm-team.gamehorizons.net is still active). Change skin

To sum up our history, MM2 eXtreme is fourth server we are using. We hope, there will be no more movings.