Managing mods

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Managing mods

Postby ECHO » Tue Jan 10, 2023 3:44 am

For Midtown Madness 2 for personal clarity I end up renaming the ar files of mods so I better understand what each file describes, while attempting to use ! for load order. I was wondering if anyone is using a mod manager to automate and view their mods installed, as well as select between conflicting mods instead of manualling adjusting them before game launch. It feels like a bit of a mess having the mods in the same path as all the other game files and I don't know if using folders and subfolders to organise mods function correctly.
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Re: Managing mods

Postby Franch88 » Tue Jan 10, 2023 9:54 pm

It's fine to rename the mods .ar files in the way that you want, but it's important to keep the similar order in file name sorting like is with their original names, since almost them all are named in way to avoid most possible conflicts. Then, of course, you can't use mods of the same kind at the same time without expect a foreseeable conflict, like usually it's with textures changing mods.
There's a now old program to manage the .ar files searching also for conflicts, get it here. It's not really much useful nowadays, though, also because of the typical little usage of mods at the same time that users do. The topic is totally different speaking about the add-ons, to add new cars and cities to the game.
In order to work, all the .ar files must be put only in the main game folder, any of them in any other folder directory won't be read and loaded by the game.
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