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Hot wheels style!
Epic MM2 stunt 2

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Midtown Madness ScreenShots

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Submitted by dummiesboy

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My current desktop wallpaler.

I got bored.

Media Description

My current desktop wallpaler.

I got bored.

Media Info

Submitted by: dummiesboy
Added: 24 Oct 2009 19:19:42
Filename: a74b5886abea8b4.jpg
Size: [1280 x 800 jpg]
Viewed: 1346 times
Votes: 4 times
Rating: 9.8 Point

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No.Submitted byComments
8 Member dummiesboy
(27 Oct 2009 20:07:11)
Well, I apologise. I've been pretty stressed out in real life...

7 Member reckless201
(27 Oct 2009 11:35:56)
Lol, c'mon mate its my opinion. Its not like I'm insulting your work, its just what I think of.

6 Member dummiesboy
(27 Oct 2009 11:28:00)
Well, no matter. It's just about the Mini cop, then the logo...

5 Member reckless201
(26 Oct 2009 21:52:26)
Sorry, was I being rude? The water effect in the sky mod is really good work.

On the logo remove the blackish stuff and it will look brilliant.

4 Member German 3
(25 Oct 2009 19:41:49)
Wow nice , can you drive up the bridge now dummiesboy?

3 Member dummiesboy
(25 Oct 2009 13:53:12)
Cant you be positive about this project..?
What other logo would you reccomend?

That isn't possible with PSDL water, as I've said in the forums. ;)

2 Member matt1314
(25 Oct 2009 13:15:23)
You need to mirror the GGB in the water, then it'll be amazing! :D

1 Member reckless201
(25 Oct 2009 07:38:02)
Logo is bleh, the rest is good.