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This bus may be slow and old. But it sure can fly.
Guy Arab

Added by Azbestos8

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A short video Tutorial showing How To install a car in Midtown Madness 2. 🚗<br>
he same procedure can also be used for install add ons, mods or tracks to the game!
How To install a C..

Added by DjDecibel

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Midtown Madness ScreenShots

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.:|[ maybach ]|:.
Submitted by hash

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A Kool maybach 62

Media Description

A Kool maybach 62

Media Info

Submitted by: hash
Added: 17 May 2005 13:06:25
Filename: e980dcb2b5e7404.JPG
Size: [841 x 480 JPG]
Viewed: 3722 times
Votes: 111 times
Rating: 9.8 Point

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No.Submitted byComments
13 Member Azt exis
(11 Oct 2007 06:29:25)
bad colors. lol

12 Member kizdude12345
(14 Feb 2007 14:04:25)

11 Member myKorea
(22 Nov 2006 13:24:14)
그럭저럭합니다... ㅎ

10 Member Ricerguy
(11 Sep 2005 17:26:45)
crazy neighbour hood is on the HQTM team site look around...download stuff.

9 Guest SUVance
(03 Jun 2005 01:03:41)
i need to say... the maybach is a very ugly car and makes the WORST sounds ever possible. great model, hqtm, but bad performance.

8 Guest FMYFT92
(26 May 2005 20:21:24)
i want 'crazy neighborhood' city

PLZ anybody tell me any URL

i didnt find it in hqtm forum..

7 Guest crazy
(24 May 2005 15:27:03)
hmmm i appreciate it.

6 Member camry
(24 May 2005 14:58:55)
this car is realy kool where i can get this car.

5 Guest superman
(24 May 2005 14:51:05)
wow nice car keepitup hash.keep uploading pics like that.

4 Member hash
(24 May 2005 14:25:21)
yeah sasu93 its a great trick to low n low.

3 Guest MM
(23 May 2005 22:06:12)
You can download Crazy Neighborhood in HQTM's forum
PS: I like this shot ;)

2 Guest Quadring
(22 May 2005 01:07:43)
on the hqtm-team branch of mm2x i saw pix of a track called "crazy neighborhood". does anyone know how 2 get this????

1 Member sasu93
(21 May 2005 14:13:16)
Heheheh ;D Cool Yeah!

I know how U did it!
First u jumped and then you waited until the car is that low in the ground!!