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Car Used: 1959 Cadillac Eldorado
Map Used: Banktest
2 Wheel Driving!

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My first mm2 video
London Leap (2015 ..

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Midtown Madness ScreenShots

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Submitted by EClass

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ok if someone can explain what that thing in the bonnet is?? lol bit weird??

Media Description

ok if someone can explain what that thing in the bonnet is?? lol bit weird??

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Submitted by: EClass
Added: 08 Jun 2006 09:22:00
Filename: 48e14efe55d0e8b.JPG
Size: [800 x 600 JPG]
Viewed: 2554 times
Votes: 4 times
Rating: 9.2 Point

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No.Submitted byComments
18 Member dummiesboy
(04 Aug 2008 18:46:17)
That can sometimes happen when a car has more than 10 paint jobs. It is the sailboard thing that you see in the bay. In London you can see a huge tug boat halfway underground behind you.

17 Member aj2
(11 Jul 2008 05:01:39)
its transforming into a jet

16 Member mm2fan1000
(24 Sep 2007 03:22:54)

15 Member mthawoffspringb
(02 Aug 2007 19:01:17)
that happens to me with one of the paintjobs for a mclaren i have...pisses me off

14 Member Slew
(02 Aug 2007 00:28:23)
this happened to my chevrolet van. i took a jump, and found out that it was a wind surfer(then the game crashed)

13 Member octavio692
(16 Jul 2007 07:26:05)
that same thing happened to my santa fe and ohter car XD

12 Member Audi Forever
(02 Feb 2007 16:26:14)
That happed to the 2004 Cadillac at this website, I chose Dark Green and that happed to the car

11 Member Anthony
(13 Jan 2007 18:29:41)
I think it is where the person who designed the car may have slipped and the created that by mistake. the auther then tried to hide it instead of deleting it and therfore under certain cir*****stances it becomes visible. I may be talking complete rubbish though.

10 Member Mew
(02 Dec 2006 23:29:53)

9 Member kizdude12345
(18 Nov 2006 10:39:42)
its part of a sign? is it part of the car? a stetched pedestrian? what the *****?

8 Member Red Ninja
(19 Oct 2006 20:58:50)
keep guessing people!

7 Member Mew
(24 Jul 2006 22:15:31)
a wing of a jet DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 Member Daddys Boy2
(21 Jul 2006 19:55:31)
glitch. k?

5 Member g4lyfe
(07 Jul 2006 00:47:57)
that happend to my mclaren f1 from mm2c

4 Member GMC Sierra Nevada Edtion
(18 Jun 2006 22:46:48)
its not a piece of the road.... its when a car either has low poly or high poly and it messes up some how... yeah long story

3 Member Sonic
(14 Jun 2006 06:07:02)
so easy a boat went under ground some how and the sail went on to the car DUH

2 Guest Jordmaniac
(12 Jun 2006 14:09:14)
that same thing happened to my santa fe. right when I crashed into something my game crashed.

1 Guest gfdfsqmei
(11 Jun 2006 11:15:13)
subli ::> yes you are right !