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will it drift?

Added by iuliharabagiu

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To be clear : this is more of a tribute to the Midtown Madness series, the racing games that were part of my childhood and that i've always loved.
Midtown Madness is..

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Midtown Madness ScreenShots

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Submitted by live2ridexx

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Whoops! left the nos on to long! :-D

Media Description

Whoops! left the nos on to long! :-D

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Submitted by: live2ridexx
Added: 13 Jun 2005 23:19:53
Filename: 303b7e3b2707627.jpg
Size: [640 x 512 jpg]
Viewed: 2416 times
Votes: 6 times
Rating: 6.2 Point

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No.Submitted byComments
13 Member derekd234
(24 Feb 2007 05:17:39)
Yet, the pestedarian doesn't notice. I'd laugh hard if the pests were hittable like they are in Midnight Club 1.

12 Member captainz
(03 Sep 2006 19:29:27)
474, not 979

11 Member  OldSchool
(30 May 2006 05:49:38)
Hey I had this car, 2nd or 3rd fastest I had. Is it still available for downloading??

10 Guest Poggy06
(17 May 2006 08:03:30)
Oh yeah and max speed i got innit was 979MPH but probably cud get more on Chapapote map but it keeps goin outta control

9 Guest Poggy06
(17 May 2006 08:01:49)
Ye i got that car. Audi TT NOS Boost. The handbrake is N2O (nos) and that makes it impossible to stop. No matter what it will ALWAYS be going at at least 5mph

8 Guest Michael
(23 Feb 2006 23:42:14)
Are you talking to me Eclass?

7 Member EClass
(15 Jan 2006 15:52:10)
ur a mean mean man!!

think about that poor man driving that tram

(that rymes :D)

6 Guest Michael
(13 Nov 2005 17:07:19)
Your darn right your sorry.

5 Member MM2Maniac
(01 Oct 2005 09:40:22)
ive got that and it does have nos.

4 Guest speed
(09 Aug 2005 17:26:02)
not a FnF car, it is a nfs4 convertion :)

3 Guest dom
(08 Aug 2005 18:11:26)
there is nos in the fast and furious car

2 Member eat mor chikn
(07 Aug 2005 00:00:30)
U have nos?

1 Guest lolo
(24 Jul 2005 16:24:43)
lol is it very cool