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This is what corkscrew should do as you drive along it.
(It smacks the car down on it's suspension and forces you to dig out)

Added by StanOfGB

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Lucky landing on the bridge!
Epic MM2 stunt 1

Added by Seahawk

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Midtown Madness ScreenShots

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Submitted by Omnidroid

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I hit the trolley really fast and it flew and started hovering.

Media Description

I hit the trolley really fast and it flew and started hovering.

Media Info

Submitted by: Omnidroid
Added: 26 Jun 2005 00:04:07
Filename: 6ee0778c3e2f5dc.jpg
Size: [1024 x 768 jpg]
Viewed: 2556 times
Votes: 2 times
Rating: 5.5 Point

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No.Submitted byComments
5 Member eat mor chikn
(06 Aug 2005 23:10:13)
where u get trolly mod

4 Guest tico16
(31 Jul 2005 04:55:43)
so.. my 22nd century cops are not the only ones from the future ...

3 Guest lolomip
(24 Jul 2005 16:28:56)
is it tram floating !
car : by molki

2 Member nixvet2
(18 Jul 2005 00:26:57)
I have a mod that lets u be the trolly but u can only go on the tracks (like the others)

1 Guest Jeremy
(16 Jul 2005 10:38:19)
would be fun if u were In the tram