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Dominik: Hello!
14-04-2018 06:53:19
InfernoDukem: Is anyone else archiving/downloading the mods in case this site goes down?
21-09-2017 02:29:54
Andr3W: you can give me a link to download mm2?plsssssssss
08-09-2017 13:22:57
vittusparde: hello : DDD can you please stop request. this is website for downloads, not personal car request. much would like 1972 chrysler newport or 1982 caprice ^^ for download, but it wont happen unless i decide to make it. suomi on paras, vittu :DDDD
13-07-2017 20:46:51
Seahawk: Use game ranger to play online.
15-05-2017 06:01:20
ezioaym: Come and play MM2 online with me on voobly. I need some MM2 Players to play online with me
27-04-2017 15:56:11
munther qasaimeh: where can i send my requests for mm2 developers ? i need to download OPEL OMEGA A and KIA OPTIMA 2012
25-02-2017 23:53:11
Rodrigo: Excellent page, I really enjoy surfing here and downloading cars. Just a suggestion... you should add some other cars such as the Chevrolet Celta, the old Renault Clio, the Citr?en AX First and the loved Renault 12 (or even the 19). This cars would revolutionize downloads. Thanks and good job
25-02-2017 19:37:50
Madness Sting: DEAR ADMINISTRATION Why unregistered users cant read forum topics? Whats the reason?
17-02-2017 05:32:48
munther qasaimeh: hello ...i need to download opel omega a and kia optima 2012 for all car makers please accept my request actually i do not have any idea about where can i give my request soo i requested here and i really hope to be accepted
10-02-2017 20:14:04
Lordof: Outstanding how is this website still active. I did not visit it since 2010 ... Good luck !
28-11-2016 01:30:39
IllusionWarp: Hey guys! Am I too late too make a request? ;)
18-10-2016 12:15:03
Seahawk: Better come to the forums all here than posting useless requests.
09-09-2016 06:06:47
chickenx4: no request are taken here
01-07-2016 02:21:26
Jaime: You know, I would actually pay real money for requesting cars. Think about it.
02-06-2016 18:00:47
10-04-2016 10:52:02
imelov: Please make Opel Agila 2000 for Midtown Madness 1. Please Please
27-03-2016 18:33:10
Kristian: I think its time for a proper Carrera GT , hope Stan make it cuz hiz engine sounds are amazing and an Aventador sounding like Aventador , look for sound sample in the mod for TDU 2 mod 0.4
30-01-2016 17:08:13
Topkek: Nobody here takes requests, and yet, the entire guestbook is requests XD
15-06-2015 17:05:43
Canariya: Can Someone please, please, please make a 2012~2015 Hyundai Azera? Please.... My dreamcar is 2015 Hyundai Azera.
22-05-2015 13:41:45
Usman muhammad: Please bring Mitsubishi Pajero and other off road vehicle, it looks like a king is driving on a road. i requested developer to bring Mitsubishi Pajero.
17-05-2015 21:59:59
Someone: Can Someone please, please, please make a 2014 or 2015 VW Amarok? Thanks
30-04-2015 23:09:57
Yuvjeeth: Please add Rover CityRover Please!!!!! I have BMW M5, my favorite car dn CLio V6 also.
14-02-2015 11:47:19
Dokugawa: Please make a 2015 Hyundai Sonata... Please please please........
12-02-2015 15:19:00
maadadi: plaise mercedes benz classe c model 2005 ou 2001 et mercedes benz classe e model 1999 et 1993 pour mm2 et merci
16-01-2015 23:24:46
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