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Final jump

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Hot wheels style!
Epic MM2 stunt 2

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Midtown Madness 2 FilesModsDefault New Mini Cooper Replacement Mod vFinal
Author : BUGATTIMAN253MPH Mod Type : Scratch
Size : 940.37 KB Updated : Jan 5th 2018 11:28pm
Views : 128 Downloads : 543
Posts needed : 0 Permissions : All Visitors
Version : Final Ratings : 9 / 10 

This mod replaces the poorly made default model of the NEW MINI COOPER with a more detailed accurate one, with also some new colors. The textures are mostly from the original car, but have been edited. New textures include a fuel cap, new wheels and the Mini badge.

Download Default New Mini Cooper Replacement Mod
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Comments for Default New Mini Cooper Replacement Mod
Apr 18th 2018 6:27pm
Rating : 8
Amazing mod and great improvement. The size is much more accurate and the driving is a lot better than the original, more dynamic. But there are two paintjobs that have no damage textures and the engine sounds seem different. Everything else is okay, with the exception of the dashboard for high resolutions which can be upgraded with the dashboard fix mod.
Jan 6th 2018 7:24pm
Rating : 8
It looks amazing, but every time I select it, the game gives me a "memMemoryAllocater:FindHeap failed" error message... anyone else have the same issue?