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oh, yeah, 2 wheels!
2 wheels Dukes style

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Very rare bug.
Rare MM2 bug

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Midtown Madness 1 FilesChicago Golden Edition Racemod V2 v2.0
Author : RohitXL5 Mod Type : N/A
Size : 2.50 MB Updated : Sep 1st 2014 12:25am
Views : 313 Downloads : 1486
Posts needed : 0 Permissions : All Visitors
Version : 2.0 Ratings : 10 / 10 

This is the first big project for MM1 made by RohitXL5.

It's a race mod featuring 32 new races in a clone of Chicago City. It contains 12 new Checkpoint races, 10 new Circuit races and 10 new Blitz races to play! Now you'll not bore of same races, you've now more races to finish. It also adds new CnR gold spots, hideouts spots and bank spots! Now the CnR game is more interesting with new pathset, you can play with more challenges!

Download Chicago Golden Edition Racemod V2
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