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It may just be me, but I'm pretty sure THAT has never been there! O_o

And no, I didn't do this. However, it could be a new entryway for the Bay Bridge in the future, if this isn't just a temporary glitch...
Freeway Constructi..

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Very rare bug.
Rare MM2 bug

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Franch88's MM2 Releases

The personal Franch88's website with all his releases for MM2. Also, there are some extra things.

Hits: 11662
 Popular Added on: 19-Dec-2008 Hits: 11662
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The HQTM-Team website with a forum. This probably has been the best MM2 creations team for years. It has released lot of very good cars, nice mods and the unbelievable Classic Madness project. After its release, they have stopped.

Hits: 19696
 Popular Added on: 18-Jun-2008 Hits: 19696
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MM2 France

A French website about MM2 with lot of add-ons and mods for MM2. Some of them are rare to find.
It's out of date from years.

Hits: 9419
 Popular Added on: 18-Jun-2008 Hits: 9419
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Madness Color Team

A team that makes new colors for HQTM-Team cars.

Hits: 8660
 Popular Added on: 11-Nov-2005 Hits: 8660
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KCP-Team website. They make new colours to HQTM-Team cars! They are very good at what they are doing.

Hits: 8659
 Popular Added on: 03-Nov-2005 Hits: 8659
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MM2 Riva

The great Riva's website with forum, who makes and convert a lot of Midtown Madness 2 cars and tracks. More stuff now available too.

Hits: 28574
 Popular Added on: 01-Mar-2004 Hits: 28574
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