About me

I'm Franch88, the author of several releases for Midtown Madness 2 game, mainly cars conversions. I play MM2 and download stuff for it from 2002, but I'm in the great world community of this great game only from June 2007, to give help in the MM2X forum; actually I'm the forum and the website administrator there. You can found me also in the forum of the great HQTM-Team, in the MM2C forum, in the MMArchive forum and in the team MM2 Color. In October 2007 I released my first release for MM2, the Dacia Logan car conversion. In 2008 I joined to the Madness Revived team as dashboards maker for their cars creations, but I'm also beta tester. Ever in that year, I joined as official beta tester of Riva's MM2 creations. From December 2008, with my 25th release, this website is available.

About the website

In September 2008 I announced that this website will be online soon, and in 19th of December 2008 my personal website about my Midtown Madness 2 game add-ons releases was available. It has a clean design with an easy navigation, and it's used to be just the place with all my releases, and I'll continue to show the progresses of the ones in making with some information about them, how I've always done. At the end of the 2009 year, I updated the website for the 2010 year, with new banner and name; maybe in the future there will be further news. In May 2013, with my partial retire from the MM2 related works, the website got updates with some sections removed and other little edits.

About releases and downloads

In this website are available all my cars, tracks and extra add-ons releases for the game Midtown Madness 2; in the future there may be new types of releases. They're placed in their respective section, and the Cars one is subdivided by cars brands. The main info of each release are about its name, its in-game name, the release number count, if it has extras, the version, and depending by the release type, there are other things like the car year, the dashboard type, if it has races, etc. The symbols on the left of the release name are about the most downloaded releases, the best complex quality releases and the last released release; not all the releases can have the first two symbols. Each release has 4 in-game screenshot images; for the cars, three are about the car model views and the fourth is for the daytime dashboard view, instead for the tracks are all about the track look with one in nighttime. All the screenshots has been taken with in the following way and with these settings: game paused except for some cases; original screen resolution of 1280x1024 pixels; graphic card anti-aliasing and anisotrophic filters enabled; game graphic settings all setted to the maximum; use of the Shader Mod 2 Gold with its own cars reflections to improve the game graphic look. To download my releases are available links to the most famous and updated MM2 downloads website, that's MM2 eXtreme. Some of them are also available at The Midtown Madness Archive website.