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Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2002 6:48 am
by DjDecibel

If you want to use this forum, you need to accept the following rules.
  • o Don't Spam, you'll be banned.
    o Don't post multiple messages after each other within few hours, use the Edit button if you need to add/edit its content.
    o If you accidentally double posted, delete your own posts using the delete button.
    o Please stay to stay on topic, any other will be deleted. If a member will continue doing this, can risk a ban.
    o Don't reply to any topic if your final purpose is only to advert other community places outside this. New separated topics to talk and advert about them are tolerated.
    o Post only one topic per argument using the appropriate title, and think well about if it's really needed. Members that post multiple topics about the same argument risk a ban.
    o Use the forum Search function searching what you need before post a new topic about it, some common discussion are already available.
    o Don't post in old, now concluded and abandoned topics bringing them on the first rows of the forum section and so to the member's attention.
    o For posting, use only the English language writing in an understandable way without bad typos and using a correct way to talk without swear, use bad words and offend. Please be considerate, courteous, polite and respectful.
    o Consider very well if what you're going to post, if text, image or video, is potentially controversial and can hurt the feeling of anyone. In such case, better renounce, or at least, write an advice about the content and use off-site links for images and videos.
    o In posts, don't put many emoticons, never is needed an abuse of them, and it can be considered a kind of spamming, especially when the post has more emoticons than text.
    o A topic can get temporally locked to signalise that the discussion is going too much off-topic.
    o The topic title and/or content can get edited by the administrators to better match what does it means.
    o If a member shows a too much childish behavior to be born by everyone, risks a permanent ban. Showed immaturity isn't tolerated.
A guide on how use the posting functions of the forum is here.