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Posted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 3:57 pm
by Seahawk
War Thunder is a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Shield Android TV.

It includes tank, aircraft and naval (upcoming) battles in different modes: Arcade, Realistic and Simulator. Includes fighters, attackers, light/medium/heavy/dive/torpedo bombers, light/medium/heavy tanks, Armoured Cars, MBTs, tank destroyers, SPGs, ATGM carriers, Ai howitzers, Ai ships/boats and AAAs from Spanish Civil War to Cold War. From USA, USSR, Great Britain, Japan and Italy (Ground units upcoming). Player controlled patrol boats, destroyers, cruisers Ai submarines, helicopters and modern MBTs upto the Gulf War era are upcoming. It has realistic graphics, damage models and a modeling community.

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A video: