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Postby darrenvox » Sun Nov 29, 2020 4:28 am

if you want to be able to play online mm2 or mm1 without having to find someone to get an IP address then come to it allows old games (early 2000s) that allowed users to connect online that might have already become abandonware be able to allow you to connect to that same game again...but in different ways

mm1 and 2 are alllowed but not 3 as 3 is an xbox game and this program is for pc games that allow online only, but its kinda a cheaper and easeier than gamespy...

its free to download and free to use, though there is a $2-3/month or so if you want to upgrade...

note * dont go into the program ready ro play mm2 in a game lobby to start a race, its only getting used for cnr right now and at times some uers want you to use the default audii tt but that is not everyone ...

mm1 doesnt have any setbacks like above!!

have fun
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