How do i make a new color for an existing addon vehicle?

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How do i make a new color for an existing addon vehicle?

Postby Mortadella69 » Sat Nov 23, 2019 1:49 pm

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Re: How do i make a new color for an existing addon vehicle?

Postby MysteryDriverX » Sat Nov 23, 2019 3:57 pm

I'm not sure if there's an easier way but I think this is how I'd do it:
NOTE: This tutorial is for adding colors without replacing the default ones.

Apparently the colors of the cars depend both on the ".info" file in the "tune" folder, and the amount of colors hardcoded into the ".pkg" model file.
So what I'd do is:

1)Check the textures of the car that you want to add colors to. You should see that all of them have a word or letter or number at the end for each color. For example "mustang_side_red", "mustang_side_white", "mustang_side_blue". That means that when you add some new color, for example black, your new textures should have a name like "mustang_side_black" (or whatever word you want to write there at the end). Make your new textures and save them with that new color suffix at the end.

2)Get Zmodeler 1.07b or one of the old ones that have the ".pkg" filter.

3)Extract the geometry and textures folders of the mod car somewhere. Hopefully the textures are in .tga format. Anyway, in Zmodeler, import your car's .pkg model file. Check materials and load the texture file used by each material. I'm not sure if this step is really necessary though.


4) Export it again and replace the .pkg file. You will get this screen:

5)Tick the "multiple paintjobs" and also click "remove" to remove the one Zmodeler puts there already by default.

6)Now what you have to do is tell the program that each paintjob suffix (for example "_red") replaces the one that's by default used in Zmodeler (the first color of the car). For example if the first color (check the .info file) is red, and the car also has blue, white and yellow, do this:
In "replace suffix" write "_red" and in "...with suffix" write, "_blue". Click "add to list". Then in "...with suffix" write "_white" and add it. And so on, for every color, that means the default colors and the new color you created.
Of course you can leave out one or more default colors if you want them anymore, in this step.

7)Click export and that should be done for the model.

8)Now you gotta edit the ".info" file. Open it in notepad and in "colors=" add a | at the end and add a name for your new color. By the way if you want many colors don't use long names for them because there seems to be a limit to how many letters the sum of all colors has, it's weird.
Remember that if you chose to remove some default color, you have to remove it here too.

9)Open the ".ar" file of the car and replace the .pkg and the .info files in it with the edited ones. That should be it.

Good luck!
Sorry that the tutorial is so long, I'm not very good at tutorials lol
By the way, if you tested your new color in zmodeler and then click export, make sure that the color you write in "replace suffix" is the word you used to name your new textures, and also that this will now become the first color of the car. If you want to avoid this trouble just make the model use the first color textures again.
Oh and I think Zmodeler doesn't support JPG textures but you can make them JPG for the game if you want. In that case just make a PNG or BMP texture with the same name to use in Zmodeler and save it as JPG to use in the game. The only thing that matters is the name of the texture file.
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Re: How do i make a new color for an existing addon vehicle?

Postby Franch88 » Sat Nov 23, 2019 8:31 pm

The easiest and fastest way is to change one or more of the already present colors of the vehicle. Open the .ar file with WinRar, go in the Texture folder and seek for the textures used for the color. Successively, extract it and edit it with a program that supports the .tga files, which is the most used file type for the textures, like Paint.Net. At the end, add your edited file in the .ar file using drag and drop and check in-game. You can also change the color name by editing the .info file with Notepad.
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