PHP + Gallery + New Security

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PHP + Gallery + New Security

Postby DjDecibel » Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:44 pm


i'm still working on the new site version and in this period, until it's ended i decided to add a security plugin to the site with an ip blocking system...

We upgraded server and we moved from the old php5.3 to php5.6, it's a litte step but this old site can't run on newer platforms..

I also replaced the old mm2_shots script with the new ScreenShots one

so the Gallery can now be found at the new url:

probably noone noticed that but the site is getting a lot of bot attacks in the last period, Franch is doing the best for keep the registrations in a good state.. and i stopped the spamming on the site..

... so if you have any problem/error/bug, please report it here or send me a mail at

Thank You!