Heap Overrun even if I use both heap patcher and mm2hook

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Heap Overrun even if I use both heap patcher and mm2hook

Postby TonySSS » Sun Apr 08, 2018 1:22 am

Ok so I added almost all of the cars from here, plus some tracks and mods too and tried to start the game, but sadly it gave me an heap overrun error message even if I used both heap patcher and mm2hook at the same time strangely, because I honestly have more than 1000 .ar files at the moment, so maybe that's the case why.

I saw in the description of a garage mod for mm2hook:
It increases the cars/maps/any list limit from around 37 to probably infinite
so I honestly thought that the game with those two patchers could hold probably an infinite (or nearly at least) amount of cars inside since it would increase the heap size technically, but sadly I haven't seen any changes once I tried to use the heap patcher via cmd, and the description of mm2hook said that:
Also included are complimentary bug-fixes for random crashes, as well as a fix for the infamous heap overrun error
but sadly it seemed to be a huge-ass lie to me instead apparently.

So I want to know honestly know how much those two patchers increase the heap size limit if it isn't infinite then? I read in the thread about the fix for the heap overrun error that it accepts up to 1GB and it crashes at 2GB, so perhaps it can only be around 1GB then I suppose, if so, then should I maybe have to wait for a couple of years until someone finds a way here to increase the limit even further and possibly make it infinite?

I also read in that thread that someone made a patched .exe where you can change the heapsize parameter by passing the .exe with a custom MB value, but how do I actually pass that custom parameter to that custom midtown2.exe file? I really need to know this and if it actually does work in this way or not.

Another bad news for me sadly is that I accidentally deleted all of my .ar files that I downloaded here, so I restored them all with Recuva but I noticed that most .ar files strangely didn't work properly, so I deleted them all again and had to find them inside their compressed archives which sadly is a very huge choir for me since there are too many of them and don't remeber them all sadly, on top of that I have to go to school after tomorrow, so I don't think that I might have enough time to find them all since I am busy with a lot of other things too other than school honestly.

So if someone of you isn't busy currently and is on free time perhaps, then can you download and send to me ALL of the .ar files which I downloaded here and putted inside the game before I had that problem after you found a way to completely remove the heap overrun error for me by maybe trying out if the game works for you with +1000 .ar files inside? If you would accept, then I will make a list for you of all of the .ar files that I need via PM if you like.

I would totally apprecciate this so dearly much since I cannot think to find all of the files in my PC that easly so I'm forced to re-download them all here again and it might take for me a few days like before since I had a few days which I didn't go to school at all when I downloaded all of the files here and putted them inside my copy.

Cheers...heh. ;)

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Postby FXANBSS » Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:25 am

Woah... You got my attention.
You're attempting something insane that I wish I could have tried before, guess this is my moment too; I'll try to help you, I don't do a thing all day cuz of me being a lazy-lazy person...


I'll try to transfer my knowledge and experience so that you can clarify and comprehend what is going on behind your trying

First of all, to being downloading mods to MM2, there are many many factors to consider, from mod conflict issues to MM2's bad algorythm that can screw you for no reason unless you rename things around and run the game again.

You should know that old games have old engines, therefore they have LIMITS.

If you got all the 1000 mods and you didn't open the game once,
there is an ENORMOUS chance your MM2 will not RUN!!

[center]---About the heap patcher and mm2hook---[/center]
You're installing code to your EXE to get benefits.

Get this one that everyone uses, the No-CD XP Patch Version 3/Speedboot.

Then proceed to install the patch from the Heap Patcher you found in MM2x.


[center]WHY? o_o[/center]

LET'S let's say that with the Heap Patcher you changed from the default 32 mb of heap memory to 1 GB

but MM2HOOK replaces/overrides code from the EXE that you just patched before, in this case that 1 GB of heap memory to 128 MB


At the moment I don't have the knowledge to modify mm2hook but LOOK there is a commandline

Code: Select all

You know how to use it, right? Create a shortcut of the game application and add it.

[center]About the Garage Mod[/center]
I see you stumbled into my mod :lau:
Sorry for not describing it correctly but I'll clarify it:
mm2hook is required for the garage mod because OTHERWISE half of the list will look invisible/limited to 37 CAR NAMES in the SCREEN, the rest of cars will be there but their names in the big new list will not be displayed, they will appear invisible in the list until you find them by luck.

Indeed mm2hook increases a lot of limits, it has a built the heap patcher too! You don't need the Heap Patcher program from mm2x.
Only mm2hook, simply with a shortcut of the game application and with the needed commandline. ^_^


IF I were you I prefer not downloading EVERYTHING from mm2x, sadly...
Once I tried to download all the cars from MM2 central, cars only and it gave me so much trouble, the game did open! but there were texture conflicts... I had to use programs like ZModeler and rename files for priority and the files inside them too... Conflicts are everywhere, in programs and mods.

Hey get the MM2 Game Loader and put it in your mm2 directory, and enable Deep Scan, that way files will turn red, that's because they have conflicts each other, some conflicts are super common like fxltglow files but those can't break your game.

https://www.mm2x.com/modules.php?name=Downl ... #dldetails

Something to note, Addon Vehtypes (file that handles cop sirens), since you downloaded all the files from MM2x, you know that only one Vehtypes is selected by name priority, this Vehtypes tends to be super unstable sometimes, with MM2 Game Loader it creates a !share.ar file, such name is not very high in the priority and might not do any effect, thing is that this file takes all the cops with sirens and puts all of it in that file so that they can all work properly, but there can appear problems, what if the mod with a cop car is badly compressed that the game loader doesn't detect it? It is a complete mess. Plus, if there are too much cop cars, the cop car limit in the vehtypes might be surpassed, causing a crash, THIS IS MORE THAN A MESS. Sorry, but the amount of time you have to put to this is not worth.

Hopefully MMClone with its unlimited limits can help in this... In the distant future...

There are many ways to clean your game
The most common thing I do when game crashes (if it isn't heap overrun)
It is to delete gfxconf.dat
Or if it crashes at the loading screen without any error, uh, you have to try many things, remove mods, but in some cases EVEN IF YOU REMOVE ALL THE MODS, IT STILL CRASHES AT THE LOADING SCREEN, this is MM2's algorythm, you have to rename things so that MM2 reads it differently, like rename your game exe or your game folder, any of that, think, think!
That loading screen crash is mostly caused by the vehtypes.

That's all for now, you can contact me at Discord and we can talk more together, I am@FXAN#1903 in there, in everywhere.

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Postby TonySSS » Sun Apr 08, 2018 3:11 pm

Hey there, so I first tried to use mm2hook with its internal heap patcher, but sadly the game was stuck in a black screen and the console gave me an 'abnormal error' instead, so then I re-installed it and tried to use the exe you gave to me and the normal heap patcher on its own, but now the game just kicked me back to desktop instead sadly. I guess my PC won't accept those two heap patchers on my copy of MM2 then it seems...T_T

And yeah, I'm already aware that this is a very old-ass game indeed and that's why it has its limits of course, but if you compare it to a game called Re-Volt (and maybe even World Racing 2 if you like, but this was released in 2005 so it might not count at all), which was released a year before MM2, then that game is actually completely mod-friendly since it doesn't have ANY limits and problems at all regarding car and track mods, you can just put inside how many mods you like and it will still work flawlessly no matter what thankfully, and I love those two games so much for this.

So then I maybe have to either wait for a way to properly make mm2hook's heap patcher work on my PC or when MMClone will be released (I hope for next year since I want to start modding and do other things that I always dreamed of honestly).

But in the meantime now, I might have to go back adding mods to GTA V (almost finished with it) and other games that I currently have inside my PC like rFactor. I also sent to you a friend request on Discord so that we can chat more about the problems I'm having with MM2 currently.

I really hope that this game in the future will be mod-friendly just like World Racing 2 and Re-Volt were and always will be thankfully, 'cuz at first I didn't really intended to come back to this game until I saw the heap patcher being released two years ago, so I got hyped and tried to play it again but still nothing changed just like many years ago before that patcher was released sadly, so I decided to temporarly abandon it until someone figures out how to make the game mod-friendly and unlimited for any mods you throw in. Trust me that I'll consider this game a lot along side other ones that I have on my PC once I'll become a modder next year!

See ya! ;)

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Postby Jeremiahjobling » Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:34 pm

MM2 was a rushed game, much unlike Revolt, so that's probably why this game is less tolerant of modifications compared to Revolt.

(Though I still would like to have a go with that heap patcher, I still haven't ever downloaded it. May have a try with it the next time I play MM2)
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Postby TonySSS » Sun Apr 08, 2018 5:05 pm

Ok I see, guess Re-Volt and WR2 weren't both rushed and instead were very carfully programmed so that they would both be mod friendly, so that's why I have 2145 cars on WR2 and 916 cars on Re-Volt without any problems at all thankfully.

God I love both of these games so damn much...lol :lol: