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 Subject: A little hickup..., posted on: 4.01.2005

As some of you may have noticed the site database was abruptly reset to some time in October, but thankfully DjDecibel managed to get hold of the backups from his server company (dating back to December the 22nd). The reason for the loss of database info was that the server company was ataced by a ratherbotherfull virus, deleting all database enterys in it's path.

As mentioned above, DjDecibel managed to restore most of the forum posts and everything on the main page should be where it was before the virus infisation. So the only thing left is for me to say 'happy posting', get your thumbs in action again.

Posted By: CMTegner
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 Subject: Project work, posted on: 19.10.2004

ExceL's been working hard the past month on his models, I thought I'd give you all a little peak at what you can find in the forums:

Toyota bB

Nissan Silvia S13

Posted By: CMTegner
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 Subject: Updates, updates, updates!, posted on: 27.08.2004

This news post is dedicated to DjDecibel! If you're reading this on the main site, you'll soon find out what the guys in the forums have allready seen. The updates! DjDecibel has worked hard on upgrading the forums, and I think he's done a damn good job!

Hope you enjoy the new features, just to mention a few: Quick reply, auto redirecting after reply, new smilies (thumbs!!), etc. Big round of applause to DjDecibel.

Posted By: CMTegner
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 Subject: Kinda obvious.., posted on: 2.06.2004

Just dropping a little news post to point out the fakt that has become more and more obvious, me beeing here less and less. The real reason for this is partly school and Call of Duty. I've been playing COD since January, and I'm one of Norways best players (I'm on the Norwegian nations team). Alot of my time also goes to making a fragmovie for my clan (ruLe).

I dont want you guys thinking this is a goodbye post, I just want to let you know I'm not visiting as much, but I allready see your managing to keep the site up very nicely by yourselves. I havn't really modeled in the past 2 months. Dont freat though, I'll start again near the summer (after my exams etc.). I'll get in contact with Motax (sorry for not takling much to you mate, still think of you when I see you online ;) ) and Whistaq (hows Zuzu? :D ) and see if we can get the D1 project in the air again.

Let's just all keep on like we're doing now untill the summer, then I'll do a "comeback" and we'll get the SC comunity rolling again. Deal? Thanks for still visiting everyone.

Yours dearly

Posted By: CMTegner
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 Subject: Donwtime, posted on: 5.03.2004

Yes, as DjDecibel said, you may have experienced some downtime yesterday. The transfer is now complete as far as I know, and we can resume as usual. Thanks again DjDecibel.

Posted By: CMTegner
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