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Total of 9 comments

User: flyboyRating: 8Dec-14-2017
User's Average Rating: 8.5# of Ratings: 25
Comment  A very nice city, but has the tendency to freeze the game.
User: petrolheadRating: 8May-13-2017
User's Average Rating: 9.2# of Ratings: 5
Comment  Great map! I haven't experienced any crashes myself, but I haven't played for that long just yet. (like 15-20 minutes) There are unfortunately some minor texture problems (might be my game?), for example, the Field Museum building is very dark. Great map nonetheless!
User: KingAndyRating: 9Jun-02-2016
User's Average Rating: 8.9# of Ratings: 17
Comment  Amazing map. Thanks to SuperSecret, we finally have this so awaited map on MM2. Even if it has some expectable glitches, it's a great conversion and an absolute must-have!
User: COOLGUY200Rating: 7Mar-10-2015
User's Average Rating: 8.8# of Ratings: 29
Comment  A true tribute to the original game. The crashes aren't that bad, but C'N'R is a minor problem though. Overall, it's worth a try.
User: loweloweRating: 10Jan-05-2015
User's Average Rating: 10.0# of Ratings: 2
Comment  i was wondering if this map will ever be converted. also i hope it doesn't crash Midtown Madness 2.
User: mmaxRating: 10Nov-02-2014
User's Average Rating: 10.0# of Ratings: 1
Comment  Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEAAAH!! love you for make this map!!! you make my dreams true! :DDDDDDDDDDD
User: renrieRating: 9Oct-13-2014
User's Average Rating: 9.0# of Ratings: 2
Comment  Solid 9, as it's almost perfect. Great job, takes me back and finaly a way to somehow play the orriginal MM! :D thank you very much!!! :D Altought there are some things missing (I don't know if this could be added): - original city sounds and music - freightliner trailer, one of the things I prefer from MM1 - bridge gates, would be badass to crash trough those again :D - original narator - on soldiers snake the orange truck should be black - original tachometer/damagemeter (HUD) - police positions don't match the originals (don't know if thiis is done on purpose) sorry for nitpicking, but I would love to see a perfect copy. PS: just trying to help :D
User: dummiesboyRating: 6Sep-27-2014
User's Average Rating: 8.3# of Ratings: 40
Comment  A good effort, but after extensive testing, it's hard to ignore all of the issues. It's also impossible to complete a game of CnR in this map, everyone eventually crashes. It does bare a striking resemblance to the original in some ways, but if you want to truly experience this map (and finish a game of CnR), play MM1.
User: Jimmy89Rating: 10Aug-10-2014
User's Average Rating: 9.9# of Ratings: 16
Comment  Awesome to have Chicago in MM2!

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