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Small Cities Traffic Patch New Downloads in this Category Added in the last 3 days

Click to view Full Image - Click Full Image to Close Window
This mod/patch made by Seahawk adds traffic and pedestrians to the small add-on cities based on the city.psdl terrain file, and they're the following ones: Lost City, Madness City, Wild Town, and Zebratown.
In Wild Town, roads are not proper, and in Zebratown, traffic goes through buildings and over obstacles.

Admin Note: In order to have this mod patch to work, you need to use also the four cities which it edits. Download links: Lost City, Madness City, Wild Town, Zebratown.

Version: Final
Filesize: 11.63 Kb
Added on: Dec-11-2017
Downloads: 20



Default Cars Traffic Mod Patch 

Click to view Full Image - Click Full Image to Close Window
This is a mod patch made by Seahawk that adds three more vehicles, always made by the Midtown Madness 1 and 2 developers, to Tonius11's Default Cars Traffic Mod. They're the Silver Eagle Fire Truck, an unused fire truck present in the MM2 files, the Red Rocket, which is the MM1 VCK car example converted to MM2, and a copy of the Cadillac Eldorado edited as taxi. It also extends the cities where the traffic mod works to the following add-on cities: New York City, Chicago, Oceany 2, Madness City 4, and Eurocity.
Plus, this mod changed the three kinds of parked cars in this way: the "2sitersport" is replaced with the Red Rocket, the "euro" is replaced with the VW New Beetle in Yellow color, and the "largesuv" is replaced with the New Mini Cooper in Laser Blue color.

Admin Note: In order to have this mod patch to work, you need to use also the Default Cars Traffic Mod by Tonius11.

Version: Final
Filesize: 914.73 Kb
Added on: Nov-27-2017
Downloads: 79



Panoz GTR-1 Ghost 

Click to view Full Image - Click Full Image to Close Window
Inspired by Dummiesboy's Audi TT Ghost, Dafa created this mod which makes the default Panoz GTR-1 a ghost car, with working original paintjobs as well.

Version: Final
Filesize: 1.12 Kb
Added on: Oct-16-2017
Downloads: 96



Swapped Skies 

Click to view Full Image - Click Full Image to Close Window
This mod by RohitXL5 interchanges the default sky textures of London and San Francisco. Now you can play San Francisco with the skies of London, and play London with the skies of San Francisco. Also, not just the skies, the fog and shadings are also swapped.

Note: The mod may be used only in absence of any other graphic mod. Any other graphic mod which affects sky textures should be disabled before using this one.

Version: Final
Filesize: 2.12 MB
Added on: Oct-03-2017
Downloads: 70




Click to view Full Image - Click Full Image to Close Window
As the release name says, this small mod just disables the default game London city bridges, meaning that keeps them always closed. Made by Dafa.

Version: Final
Filesize: 652 bytes
Added on: Sep-16-2017
Downloads: 52



Chicago Bridge Mod 

Click to view Full Image - Click Full Image to Close Window
This release made by Dafa includes two mods for Chicago add-on city, where one of them keeps its bridges always closed, instead the other one keeps them always open. Use them once a time. The mods work also for online multiplayer gameplays.

Version: Final
Filesize: 1.42 Kb
Added on: Sep-16-2017
Downloads: 69




Click to view Full Image - Click Full Image to Close Window
This is a big London races mod which adds a copy of the London city to Midtown Madness 2 with 38 brand new races! They consist of 14 Checkpoint races, 12 Blitz races and 12 Circuit races, with working opponents as well! The races are playable in both difficulties, Amateur and Professional. The races are designed very well to make the game as interesting as possible. The racepack also features some of the races named on Midtown Madness 1's races.
Created by RohitXL5.

Version: Final
Type (Scratch or Convert): Scratch
Filesize: 15.77 MB
Added on: Sep-12-2017
Downloads: 235
Rating: 10.00 (5 Votes)



MM2 Lights Trainer V3 & Patched EXE 

Click to view Full Image - Click Full Image to Close Window
Third version of The_Most_Wanted's lights trainer. It always allows the toggling of the player car headlights and of the signal lights (if their objects are part of the player car used). The new features are included in the game EXE file in the archive, which enables the unused MM1 style lights and improves the graphics color depth to 32 bit!
Check the Readme file for more info.

Version: 3.0
Filesize: 4.77 MB
Added on: Jul-19-2017
Downloads: 246
Rating: 10.00 (3 Votes)



MM2 Heap Patcher 

This is the definitive solution for most of MM2 crash problems!
The default heap size in MM2 is of 32 MB. This low size limits the amount of polygons that the game is able to load and manage, and exceeding it, causes an Heap Overrun error with a game crash. Fortunately, this size can be increased, and this patcher does exactly this, on any Midtown2.exe file variant! Check the Readme file in the archive to know how use it.
The discovery has been done by CarLuver69, while this patcher has been implemented by SuperSecret.

Version: Final
Filesize: 2.64 Kb
Added on: May-16-2016
Downloads: 3364
Rating: 10.00 (10 Votes)



Sirens without flashing headlights 

This is a modified .exe file which disables the flashing headlights when you toggle the sirens for cop cars. Don't forget to make a backup copy of the file to replace.
Made by The_Most_Wanted.

Version: 1.0
Filesize: 889.22 Kb
Added on: Apr-25-2016
Downloads: 123
Rating: 9.67 (2 Votes)



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