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Submitted by twingo_gti

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My Citro?n ZX in SF. Good car!

Media Description

My Citro?n ZX in SF. Good car!

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Submitted by: twingo_gti
Added: 01 Sep 2006 19:46:26
Filename: fad66ab0cd478ed.JPG
Size: [640 x 480 JPG]
Viewed: 2527 times
Votes: 9 times
Rating: 9.7 Point

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4 Member mm2player18
(17 Dec 2007 21:36:08)
vetrex your very negative, this is only a games site!!! stop biteing people!! this is supposed to be a peaceful forum thingy!

3 Member Vetrex
(13 Apr 2007 02:11:47)
How come all the car advertisements have the car turning the wheel???

2 Member kkishkon
(22 Oct 2006 22:39:07)
It's not that the details are not good...this person is simply using a very poor screen resolution. If you made that car, twingo, it's fantastic and I congratulate you on it.

1 Member yayaya
(09 Sep 2006 07:42:47)
the details are not good