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Submitted by wilder

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Just a pic of me and my friend Cops , and for sure , i have better cop car and faster !

Media Description

Just a pic of me and my friend Cops , and for sure , i have better cop car and faster !

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Submitted by: wilder
Added: 09 Oct 2008 20:41:01
Filename: 783b68f50b7914c.JPG
Size: [800 x 600 JPG]
Viewed: 1782 times
Votes: 1 times
Rating: 10.0 Point

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9 Member matt1314
(30 Nov 2008 15:10:15)
OK, finally the lights and sirens are working now. Thanks! ;)

8 Member Franch88
(10 Oct 2008 20:11:12)
I've understood Matt. You've the first release made by him without the integrated .csv file to let work the sirens; if you check the Sajmon14's topic you'll see my post about this lost file, and then he posted the new one with the .csv file.
Get the last one from this website, and it'll work.

7 Member wilder
(10 Oct 2008 18:49:28)
i've modified one Crownvic ( the NYPD ) now it has 2 Colors : NYPD , SFPD , You can Get it here :

6 Member wilder
(10 Oct 2008 17:29:47)
@stanOfGB : It's a Crownvic NYPD made by Richard P , you can find it in " MM2 Overhauled Mod"

5 Member wilder
(10 Oct 2008 17:28:04)
@matt1314 : just download this addon_vehicletypes ,the mustang cobra by sajmon is added , but you must delete the old addon_vehicletypes , and other Copcar ( add on) include "addon_vehicletype , so try to remove all others "vehtypes.csv"

Link :

4 Member matt1314
(10 Oct 2008 15:33:22)
I have checked this car, Franch. Of course I have. But when I try to activate the sirens, the memMemoryAllocator error occures. And I've read your admin note, but everything I tried to let the sirens work, was wrong. That's my problem. :(

3 Member StanOfGB
(10 Oct 2008 13:29:17)
Where did you get the NYPD Crown Vic by Richard P?

2 Member Franch88
(09 Oct 2008 23:30:34)
Matt, have you checked the important admin note that I've written in the Ford Mustang Cobra R download here at MM2X? Haven't you never checked that car when I added it here neither after get it from the Sajmon14's website?

1 Member matt1314
(09 Oct 2008 21:55:33)
Can you tell me, wilder, how do you let work the sirens on the Mustang R Cop by Sajmon14? I tried to add the cop to the addonvehtypes.csv file, but everything I tried to make was wrong and I can't let the sirens work. Can you help me, or maybe somebody else?