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this car has tuned by me...
i juts change the horse power and top gear bias...
not yet reach the top speed, but in that speed the car is unstable to control...
and, i hit the wall and make me fly...
see the next pic
bmw m3 gtr..

Added by hastantyo

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Submitted by Audi_Forever

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Starring Chadwick's Dodge Ram and Cops

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Starring Chadwick's Dodge Ram and Cops

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Submitted by: Audi_Forever
Added: 03 Mar 2007 17:03:41
Filename: 6c16fa5a23cd5bf.jpg
Size: [445 x 336 jpg]
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5 Member funney250
(02 Nov 2007 18:42:40)
ok how much is it???????????? pm with the anser

4 Member MrTracker
(13 Apr 2007 11:47:52)
Athully,yes i do know.If you downloaded fraps,it wont let you do it higher then thirty seconeds.You need to buy fraps,then you can do it as long as you want.

3 Member MrTracker
(25 Mar 2007 17:43:39)

2 Member Audi Forever
(24 Mar 2007 13:13:59)
Yes! But I have a moive making thing called fraps, but it won't let me do my movie any higher than 30 seconds, Stupid, Stupid STUPID!!!! It's NOT fair!!!!

Do you know how to work fraps so I can get my moive to go higher than 30 seconds?

1 Member MrTracker
(19 Mar 2007 17:41:07)
Hey!Thats from a movie.