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a hanging car, hanging truck, and flying truck in the background (truck is a line in the sky)
mm2 glitches

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Submitted by Audi_Forever

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''You won't take me alive coppers!!'' says the Ford Pinto ''No Johnny don't do it!!!'' says the Police *vroom!* *vrooooom!!!* ''Yo! Mama!'' says the Police ''Get off my CAR!!!!''

Media Description

"You won't take me alive coppers!!" says the Ford Pinto "No Johnny don't do it!!!" says the Police *vroom!* *vrooooom!!!* "Yo! Mama!" says the Police "Get off my CAR!!!!"

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Submitted by: Audi_Forever
Added: 10 Feb 2007 02:43:39
Filename: 953c0b56656a5e5.jpg
Size: [800 x 600 jpg]
Viewed: 1977 times
Votes: 4 times
Rating: 10.0 Point

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2 Member funney250
(23 Nov 2007 17:15:30)

1 Member kizdude12345
(16 Feb 2007 09:55:47)
nice car.