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Well, as I said, this is strange. I?m not on a race, i?m just dirving in Cruise mode and this arrow is there, if somebody coukd please tell me whats this and why, I?ll thank him
This is st..

Added by MM2_Fan

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Submitted by DjDecibel

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Just a great OLD Shot of my '98 ''The Fast And The Furious'' VW Jetta!

Media Description

Just a great OLD Shot of my '98 "The Fast And The Furious" VW Jetta!

Media Info

Submitted by: DjDecibel
Added: 12 Nov 2013 01:52:15
Filename: d121482781b83b7.jpg
Size: [800 x 600 jpg]
Viewed: 1107 times
Votes: 2 times
Rating: 10.0 Point

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6 Member EnzoSkylineMiura
(14 Nov 2013 05:48:28)
It kinda reminds me of my FnF Jetta screenshot. :P

5 Member e-cobra
(13 Nov 2013 09:40:09)
A classic screenshot! And I love that car :D

4 Member DjDecibel
(13 Nov 2013 03:21:16)
the pic is dated December 2002 :)
just 11 years old! :D
and yes, i did it without AA.. probably i forgot to activate it! :)

3 Member carmaniac
(12 Nov 2013 16:30:38)
Nice, you should use AA btw ;)

2 Member A320 Pilot
(12 Nov 2013 12:07:13)
Nice to see you post here, DJ. :D
I remember that pic, its amazing. This one looks amazing too. :D

Man those old images, I'm sure they mean a lot to everyone here. ;)

1 Member EnzoSkylineMiura
(12 Nov 2013 05:16:12)
This one of the few cars I love. Actually, its my favorite car to drive.

How OLD is this shot?