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.:|[ a sprint race. ]|:.
Submitted by Ch405

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here is a sprint race i do in cruise mode

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here is a sprint race i do in cruise mode

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Submitted by: Ch405
Added: 22 Sep 2017 08:31:20
Filename: 8b83fd61a18b997.jpg
Size: [630 x 820 jpg]
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4 Member Ch405
(24 Sep 2017 13:34:08)
You can start the project today and continue every Saturday and Sunday. Message me when you are done. (maybe it will take over 2 months lmfao)

for no reason me and a cop are trying to destroy that Audi TT in San Francisco Racemod Cruise ._.

3 Member FXANBSS
(23 Sep 2017 19:15:16)
I really like that route!
I could make a race of this! If I could have the enough free-time :P

2 Member Ch405
(23 Sep 2017 10:53:51)
imagine this as a new Checkpoint update:

Amateur: 10 Opponents (2 City bus, 2 Double-decker, 2 Freightliner Century Class, 2 Freighliner American LaFrance Firetruck, 2 Ford F-350) vs. you

Professional: 2 Panoz GTR-1, 2 Panoz Roadster, 2 Aston Martin DB7, 2 VW Beetle RSi, 2 Ford Mustang GT Cop.

How is it gonna be?

1 Member Seahawk
(22 Sep 2017 18:20:10)
Very huge.