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That good old MM1 bug where for some reason, traffic vehicle suddenly becomes strange and changes size, weight each time you hit it.
MM1 Bug

Added by Jimmy89

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Ken7394's Blog
The blog about the models made by the modeler Ken7394, some available for MM2.

Hits: 3918
 Added on: 28-Dec-2007
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Matyii MM2
Matyii's website with his cars add-on releases, MM2 screenshots, projects plans and favorite cars add-ons.

Hits: 861
 Added on: 20-Aug-2015
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MM2 Database
MM2 Freestyle 2008 returns as MM2 Database with a new interface and a new host.
This site contains mods, add-ons, vehicles, tracks and a forum for discussion among players Midtown Madness 2.

Hits: 3969
 Added on: 26-Jan-2008
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This forum is about Midtown Madness 2 only. On this forum the MM2 races through the Internet are organized (not only races).

Hits: 2708
 Added on: 24-Apr-2008
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MM2 Silent
This is the personal MM2 website of Silent1Unknown. It features all his MM2 contributions such as cars, tracks, mods, screenshots, tutorials and more.

Hits: 1506
 Added on: 25-Apr-2011
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Maradona's Midtown 2 Projects
The personal blog website of the MM2BR team member Maradona. Here you can find all his cars conversions releases.

Hits: 3304
 Added on: 16-May-2009
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mm2mm1fan MM cars
The personal website of mm2mm1fan with his MM1 and MM2 cars convertions.

Hits: 362
 Added on: 06-Dec-2015
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BIGzee's Works
Personal website of BIGzee, with all his cars add-ons, mods and projects for Midtown Madness 2.

Hits: 408
 Added on: 07-Nov-2015
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Sajmon's MM2 site
The Sajmon's website about his add-ons and mods releases for MM2 with downloads and projects.

Hits: 1585
 Added on: 08-Feb-2009
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Jelly's Car Conversions
Jelly's website for his released and planned cars conversions works.

Hits: 1374
 Added on: 16-Dec-2011
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