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CarLuver69: I really like mm2x. It's a really neat and active MM2 community, unlike mm2c where they sadly died XD
20-08-2009 07:22:21
Kris: Hey There, Can someone please make a mazda demio or a toyota hiace? Cheers
16-08-2009 03:28:26
Paul: Hello, my name is Paul, I have a model made 3D of the Marcopolo Paradiso 1800 DD with small details without finishing, which wants to finish it, communicate to -Nuevachicago92@gmail.com-, with taste I will give them to you. Forgive if the message was not understood, my English is not the best, I admit it. BYE!
16-07-2009 00:14:19
Mohammed Rahhal: Hi [ e-talon - Comox ] from Canada Here is the Eagle Talon, download it from the link below: Eagle Talon
26-06-2009 22:16:08
e-talon: Can someone please make a 1991 Eagle Talon without the popup headlights? I tried, but I can't seem to get ZM to work for me. And I don't have enough money to throw down Jasc's throat for Adobe Photoshop
25-06-2009 20:18:12
Franch88: Reply to Unit. Why you would import the cars in ZModeler? It's not that the use to do of the downloaded cars. You just have to extract the .ar file from the downloaded archive to your game folder. Riva is the name of the author of some releases available here.
23-06-2009 20:18:07
Unit: hey guys really good site but some of the cars i download and i want to put into zmodeler say they are corrupted why is that? and most of the cars are from " riva " why is that?
23-06-2009 13:21:18
Roflman: Allrighhht! This site is so awsome, it got everything what i need! You rock! XD
21-06-2009 09:15:48
Vadim: Can someone please make a honda del sol???? please with a removable top if you can... its okay if you cant
30-05-2009 03:05:16
Masta_Grunt: Amazing site! Me and a couple friends started playing MM2 again and thought about trying to mod it. When we found this e were amazed that people still played MM2. You guys are great! and thanks for the custom cars and tracks!!
11-05-2009 15:15:07
Mohammed Rahhal: You Are Welcome akshay
20-04-2009 15:28:29
akshay: thanx a lot Mohammed Rahhal - Jordan
19-04-2009 00:14:02
Drakh: Thx for the tracks and cars ....
15-04-2009 11:02:48
Terence Mok: this is a very good websites with many things to download for MM2. Keep it up! XD
13-04-2009 15:50:33
akshay: thanxxxx
08-04-2009 15:50:47
Franch88: After have dowloaded the archive in .zip, .rar or .7z file format, open it with WinZip or WinRar programs and exctract the .ar file in your main MM2 folder, that's usually the directory "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Midtown Madness 2\".
07-04-2009 20:49:39
Mohammed Rahhal: Which files akshay ur talking about?
07-04-2009 19:00:17
akshay: how to install these file in MM2??
07-04-2009 17:44:28
Mohammed Rahhal: come on guys ! we missed you !
05-04-2009 22:20:46
Mohammed Rahhal: Choose from left menu MM2 Cars > (1) Chevrolet > (2) [Download Now] > (3) Re-type Password > (4) [Download Now] (1) I chose Chevrolet, maybe you choose other (2) Click [Download Now] Box which below the picture (3) Re-Type password (4) Then click [Download Now]
28-02-2009 20:14:06
Adam: I want to know how to download cars!
28-02-2009 18:30:17
Mohammed Rahhal: Good Evening too Andreas
20-02-2009 01:30:01
Andreas: Good Evening ;)
15-02-2009 20:41:13
Antti: Hey nice going from the cold nothern part of europe YOURE COOL (pun) XD
14-02-2009 15:05:13
wdw: hello world
03-02-2009 10:48:09

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