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When he passed away, gave me his wheels, R.I.P. Good Police Car...
Good Polic..

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Ryan: i reallywant more police cars! Otherwise... XD
01-04-2010 08:12:36
LUSITANER: @ sir_me: play it as havin administrator powers, i did that and it worked.
24-03-2010 22:27:43
Sir_Me: I loved this game, but only have windows Vista now and it won't work. Anyone know how to get it to work on vista?
22-03-2010 18:22:32
Zsolti: Why isn't there anybody on chat?
16-03-2010 19:49:10
raj: can u all pls update few buses ..... as u see in midtown madness 2 brazil ..... there are lots of buses ..... please upload all the buses here thanks .... it will be great ..
28-02-2010 10:12:28
LUSITANER: @ frag_out: microsoft wont, for sure, make mm3 for pc. if they would be thinking of that, mm3 would be on pc already.. unless someone make an emulator. ive heard that the user Pabolo was trying to make one, if im not wrong.
25-02-2010 00:10:28
frag_out: Midtown madness 1 and 2 are for the pc.MM3 is for xbox.I hope that midtown madness 3 are comming for the pc.(everyone can create cars, paintjobs, city's ...) Ik hoop dat midtown madness 3 voor de pc is.Anders hoop ik ooit of het komt. (XD)(:p)
19-02-2010 10:45:43
Leo Leksell: I love this site!
05-02-2010 20:11:24
Lee: can someone please make a renault clio mk2 1999 model? the model down from the clio that is on here with the different style front. thanks.
01-02-2010 00:26:14
Lee: Greeting from South Korea. Huh...but there's no icon of my country.:( XD
14-01-2010 11:46:49
ZJAk: Wassup guys! I am building up a drifting team, so if u wanna join send me a video of how well you drift! XD
22-12-2009 18:52:38
ice ryda: hey um, could someone make a city: Los Angeles or Some popular part of america please
28-11-2009 11:11:25
Nick: anyone play on gameranger? give me a email at bonds25252001@yahoo.com and we can set up a game sometime :)
13-11-2009 08:02:57
Vepa: Hello i like ferrari XD
06-11-2009 17:08:50
Jack: This is a great site, but in the cars section, perhaps you could have a section just for emergency services?
30-10-2009 16:30:30
Isacc: Hey Dummiesboy,can i edit you underground train.Thanks. :) XD
29-10-2009 22:41:29
Aaron: Is there in all the internetno Opel Calibra for MM2
22-10-2009 22:20:35
Gezgin: Hey guyz if you wanna play cnr please visit our hamachi server. mmtwo 123
10-10-2009 20:05:17
serdar: Hi all of the mm2 funs. I have a mm2 network on Hamachi. If it's interest, you can enter it from... Network id: mmtwo Password: 123 XD
10-10-2009 19:51:15
yiğit: l?tfen t?rk minib?s ve otob?sleri yapın Zsolti: Why there isn't an Ikarus 548 for MM2? Pls make one high detailed! http://www.freeweb.hu/busztipusok/548/548.htm XD
26-09-2009 18:16:10
CarFreak: Has there ever been a GAZ or Geely for MM2? XD
25-09-2009 00:30:36
i luv mm2: who can tell me with software to download to make mm2 c :)
18-09-2009 02:36:20
Kawazachi: I like this site too!
08-09-2009 14:03:13
the great gamer: if you want to go to test zone in sf then go above that underground parking lot and you will find it download it from this site and then extract it i like this site very much :)
28-08-2009 11:50:28

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