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LUSITANER: \/ its the zanoza modeler, 3d modeller, but not only for mm2. And its not easy as you may think.
24-01-2011 14:09:18
Nuno: Can you make a car creator?
21-01-2011 21:07:25
Benjamin: Midtown Madness 2 is a great game and features some cars, Buses and trains.
09-01-2011 14:53:03
M?Z?Ry: wow, Nice mods and Nice website. Keep up the good work guys :D You guys freakin rock :D
06-01-2011 19:11:45
Jesus R Cabrera S: Excelente sitio, he bajado muchos mapas y autos... Est? todo demasiado completo
30-12-2010 21:27:21
chrysler voyager 94: hello me podriais crear una CHRYSLER VOYAGER del 94 es modelo es americano pero tmb se vendio en europa es un gran coche os lo agradeceria mucho GRACIAS
30-12-2010 12:14:32
AC: Hi there, I love your website!!! Can you make a Aston Martin DB5 like the car from James Bond?
19-12-2010 18:41:49
Tuppence870: This site is awesome! Somebody should create a mod that makes the fog easier to see through - it's impossible to do some of the races and Crash Course levels when I can only see 5m in front of my car!
05-12-2010 16:56:34
Yo: Cars with small number of polygons are on sites: http://www.midtownmadness2.de/ http://www.mmarchive.com/ http://www.mm2c.com/
27-11-2010 16:22:26
jul4us: This URL would be the WORLDS GREATEST WEB! if only there were car's that doesn't need 3D
25-11-2010 12:08:46
AHMET: Hi .. Can you make Ssangyong's car =?
21-11-2010 11:54:21
Manu: Thank you for such wonderful downloads. MM2 turned to one of my favourite games because of all these cars and other files. Great, guys. Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein/Germany
17-11-2010 23:36:06
mst: Hello, Could you please add audi tt?
17-11-2010 13:08:27
DannyDP: carking1996 can you put a renault 5 to download pls????
14-11-2010 19:34:18
aron: http://xat.com/newyearonlinerace copu this link to chat about mm2 or play online mm2 its a chat
11-11-2010 18:09:45
I-thunderbird: The downloaded cars just crash my game. I don't knoy what is the problem. The game does not start after a car is unzipped into the mm2 folder. WHAT 2 DO????
10-11-2010 15:38:09
Wojciech: I love this www! :D
15-10-2010 14:14:42
Mohammed Rahhal: Thnx admin, My best car is Mercedes-benz LoOoOoL
14-10-2010 01:40:04
Game Master: i have a midtown madness 3 website. http://f112313f.hyves.nl/
30-09-2010 15:35:36
Foto: better yet,how about i have a donload of a car maker? or do i have to do thongs like convert from GTA or 3ds max or some crap. amirite? XD
17-09-2010 06:35:26
Foto: I am hoping someone can make a Chevy Venture! eh? eh? :)
16-09-2010 07:09:03
Benderodriguez: Thanks to Carking1996 for your Late-night-answer!
15-09-2010 19:07:32
carking1996: Just extract the .zip file. And, inside, there should be a file called *name*.ar. Out that in your mm2 directory. Default: C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Midtown Madness 2
14-09-2010 23:29:20
Benderodriguez: Hi there from Austria! I'm new here. Could somebody please tell me how to use the cars I downloaded in the game?
14-09-2010 15:32:01
carking1996: Nobody takes requests. Why don't you guys just join the forum? You can learn how to model, convert cars, and than, make your own cars! :D
03-09-2010 01:38:02

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