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Florian: Hi , I would like you create a new buses for mm2 like volvo 9700, volvo 7700, Man coach, and irisbus iveco please please
25-01-2012 12:27:50
jason: mm2 has a bug on gameplay. i downloaded some cars from this website. but sometimes thier dashboards show the rear side of the car, there are images to expect this bug: http://img714.imageshack.us/img714/1681/75593329.png (outside of the bus.) http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/3456/97958880.png (inside of the bus.) in some cars, i see this bug. bu in some, i don't. how can i repair this bug? thanks.
17-01-2012 18:36:24
Graziano: Hi people of MM2X!! I would like to request a Lamborghini LP560 Spyder Performante please!!!
27-12-2011 04:20:06
question: who want to make a Ford Kuga? :)
15-12-2011 18:08:29
Rob: great site! maybe someone can make a secret service car???
26-11-2011 18:40:05
ali: good website. can you add renault latitude, fluence and hyundai accent era for mm2? thanks.
22-11-2011 16:52:28
n/a: I absolutely like the full MM series!
10-10-2011 16:09:12
Josip Buljan: can someone please,try to make panoz roadster or gtr1 high poly and i will be very very grateful
01-10-2011 10:30:51
DarKilleR: Amazing! Site Fro MW2 :D So helpfull
04-09-2011 02:17:01
hhopoy: weet iemand misschien wat de origineelen car files zijn in mm2?
30-08-2011 11:32:30
EmuMaster1000: This is a petition to get DXBX. MM3 was not liked by many people for being an xbox exclusive. We are writing this petition to get them to make Midtown Madness 3 able to be run on the emulator. I know all of you really want MM3 on the PC, so, Sign this! http://www.petitiononline.com/DXBX_MM3/petition.html
04-08-2011 18:18:09
Ryan: When Will someone release a seacrest county for mm2
03-08-2011 10:39:22
jorge14: the audi TT is espectacular
18-07-2011 01:06:01
monkey1589: IRt panoz GTR 1 is so fun :)
11-07-2011 05:43:22
nick: who wants to do multiplayer i will be the host
29-06-2011 19:29:36
laci: cum se poate juca mai multi ca io nu pot imi spunne cineva varog
27-06-2011 12:09:37
ismet yılmaz: ı like this game.mm2 is very enjoy game
31-05-2011 18:43:14
Amine: Hi can someone make a dacia duster and renault symbol for the game thank's pliz Answer My!!
11-05-2011 19:01:58
rusty: does no one play MM2 online anymore?
03-05-2011 17:09:21
Alex: Thank you for uploading the FM3 models, I wanted to convert my personal car to another game without modeling it, and you had it, thank you.
17-04-2011 21:20:40
Abdessamad: I really enjoyed the contents, it made my game much better. Thanks. P.S. I am from morocco but I didn't find my country's refferal on the list, just put Japan. SAVE JAPAN !~
05-04-2011 17:07:28
merimi: i love this game it s the best game ever !!
17-03-2011 20:16:55
christian: i play that game 5
Bob: Great site, classic game.
19-02-2011 07:19:44
Jeremiah: I Love this game, We are soon downloading MM3!
17-02-2011 19:13:04

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