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Zain Zaid!: I have a problem with your cars i canot play in multiplayer with your cars plz telll me the way to play in multiplayer it says you are a cheater
22-11-2012 06:54:49
Lgui777: A trip to childhood... revamped! Thank you for this awesome website that is rocking to this day with great content and ease of use, i appreciate your efforts and hope to see more in the future! Best of luck :)
28-10-2012 21:10:53
Xzimnut: First I was amazed to see that there were still people who created mods or cars for this game. But when I realized how active was the community and how good were the productions I found on this website, I told myself that Midtown Madness 2 must have something special for motivating, 12 years after, amateurs to contribute to develop this game and do it with enthusiasm. Congratulations to developers, you're wonderful, and thank you very much for this great website!
28-10-2012 00:53:50
Ed: Congrats this is an excellent website, a huge like to your page. Vouch for the team and the members
22-10-2012 01:38:48
John: I will a Unimog :-)
14-10-2012 18:35:28
I_AM_A_CHRISTIAN: This Site is Perfect for All my MM2 Needs!
27-09-2012 23:39:00
Ibrahim: I love this game so very much and I like new updates.
03-09-2012 14:57:37
Tim: Can some one make a triumph acclaim hls , a jag x-type and a rolls Royce silver shadow please
31-08-2012 22:11:13
Mohammed Rahhal: it is long time to leave comment here the best website for midtown tools
31-08-2012 05:20:22
Hima: I Love This Game So Much.
21-08-2012 08:04:43
matthew: can I please download buses and maps for my website please
17-08-2012 00:23:06
Luke: Hello Guys, i love this game. But to have more fun, i want to play Multiplayer, but i dont know how to. Please send me a message to explain me how to play there or if you want to play with me. (ps. i like busses, inclused in multiplayer ;) ) Luke Sorry for bad english, i'm from Germany (;
16-08-2012 22:07:48
maninder: i like this game
12-08-2012 07:30:37
sue: could someone olease make a airport for me and how do u make/mod cars i would love someone to get back to me thanks :-)
16-05-2012 22:13:50
collin: i like this site alot i love the addons you can get awesome :D
12-05-2012 17:38:33
Ryan: i wish someone could make a track of sydney australia
12-05-2012 02:42:40
nevthebluebear: can someone please please please make a plaxton panther (volvo b12bt) for me
07-05-2012 17:42:38
super sonic: can someone make a hummer limo
23-04-2012 16:45:56
Ajay: hi everyone could someone please make a stagecoach dubble decker or single decker bus for me thanks.
13-04-2012 20:53:28
Cory: can someone email me i just recently downloaded the game and im looking for some people to play online with to make a little more fun. so please just send me a email at coryperkins01@yahoo.com :D thanks
20-03-2012 06:34:00
Rob: Could someone please make 2000 and new nicely graphic pontiac grand prix and make it have good sounds too id love to see one for this game
06-03-2012 23:53:47
BIG MASTER: Hi everybody I still wonder how nobody thinks to make the following cars: 1.Volkswagen Passat CC; 2.Volkswagen EOS; 3.The new Range rover; Why ??
01-03-2012 19:33:49
Sean: Bus builders: it would be cool if there was a similar design to UTA's (Utah Transit Authority's) new model of the Hybrid-Electric bus. (UTA Hybrid Gillig Advantage BRT) link for picture: http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4126/5081234088_45e8b34354_z.jpg sorry the fence is in the way, not too many new bus pictures on Bing search.
23-02-2012 01:03:15
Sebastien: Hello, how are you, I want a new buses for mm2 please, If you can made volvo b13r, and Man nl 223 please
29-01-2012 13:51:46
RG: Hi there, could someone make a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport? Thank you
26-01-2012 18:49:18

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