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  How to install and use a downloaded add-on track?

Download a track by clicking on the link; use WinZip or WinRar to open the file; extract the .ar file into your MM2 directory, that's by default C:, Program Files, Microsoft Games, Midtown Madness 2. Start Midtown Madness 2 and goto the city selection screen; select the new track by left-clicking the on the track name voice; select your vehicle and go drive!

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  How to remove an unwanted add-on track from MM2?

Look for the track's .ar file in the game directory (usually the name of the file has something to do with the track's name), and simply delete it.

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  Why in New York City there is no police car?

The first version of New York City for MM2 hasn't cop cars. The improved one, available here, includes custom cop cars.

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  Is there a subway in New York City improved?

Both in the first version and in the improved 1.1 one there isn't a subway. But, there's a mod called New York mod that does some changes, adding underground roads and a sewer; this mod is available here.

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  How do you get add-on cars to work in New York City improved?

Some add-on cars, especially the ones with detailed high polygons models, have problems to work on an add-in city that has already some working problems like New York. With the improved 1.1 version the things goes a bit better. To succeed to play most of them you need to low the screen resolution.

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  Does the New York Mod work with also New York City improved 1.1 besides the original version?

The New York Mod has been released when the improved version of this city wasn't still released, so hasn't been officially tested by the mod makers if their mod works properly also with the improved version. However, the improved version keeps the same files names and structure of the original one, so is sure that the mod works properly also with it.

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