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Posted: Wed Feb 10, 2016 9:15 pm
by mm2mm1fan
Going to try this out, looks nice! :)

Posted: Wed Feb 10, 2016 10:41 pm
Wow, just... wow.

Since i can't do any mod in this community because i am not interested right now, i would have do patchs or even a system for kids in my cars... Ok, here are review about your Mercedes Benz.

- The Dashboard is good, but who plays at 640x480 nowadays?
You can make dashboard patch for each resolution, not every resolution, only the common.
My resolution is 1366x768 (16:9)
- The handling is not bad, but you lose a lot of control, you drift and it's a bit more difficult to stop that drifting than the other MM2 default cars, i have read that it has a new kind of handling, so it doesn't matter too much since it's something unique, you would have make a patch with different tuning though.
- This car hates grass.
- You can make patchs with a realistic tuning or a more arcade tuning, or much more arcade, like a default MM2 car.
- There is a problem for certain users, for example, kids, these little creatures just copy everything they see in the folder and sometimes just screws up MM2.
This are the archives of the mercedes benz.

!!Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG - Pack
!!Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG - Pack
!!Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG - Pack
!Mercedes-Benz A 45

The first file that loads is the Pack 1, it can load the others too but MM2 skips internal files that are the same, Pack 1 as 8 colors, that's a problem now, because someone, plays a multiplayer game and he is using Pack 1 since he is a kid and copy all the things from the folder and someone in the game uses the 9th color for example, what would happen? Crash? Uh?
Pack 1 and the default archive should have 10 colors, just like a small security anti-crash system for these people that doesn't read the readme and just copy all the files.
The Host of that Multiplayer game should tell everyone about that too, but some kids doesn't understand sometimes so that security system would be good.
- Oh, you can make damage textures too, and a patch to disable them, even a patch to increase durability, if you want the durability to be realistic, for example it destroys after crashing a few times, but i want more durability, so increase it, like every MM2 default car.

I shouldn't have done this post, the time runs...
And the last question, isn't my english bad? Dunno.
... dat wall of text xd

Posted: Wed Feb 10, 2016 11:32 pm
by sajmon14
Aren't you expecting too much? :P

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:45 am
That depends on how much time someone can spend in something. :P

Review Review

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 6:56 pm
by BIGzee
Double Wow.

The review is awesome and the questions are golden. I didn't expect anyone to notice the featured happenings, but instead expected users would instantly close mm2 and delete the car.

- The dash I initially made a 16:9 (made n tested in 720p), and got converted to 4:3 for compatibility. There's probably kids with only VGA monitors who no other choice than to play old games.

- Firstly, this car has a track tuning with appeal to Project CARS's stock setups, and turned out to very well simulate track suspension. So, its supposed to hate grass. This happens when we do trial n error tests on race tracks and not in cities. Take it for a spin on a track and watch what happens when you roll on those red-white side pavement thingy. That's wut I wanted the car to do, surprisingly it worked well, and it hated grass and curbs for good.

Now this started as a good base for supercars handling (also taking into account BUGATTIMAN253MPH's R8's handling - so wow), I can now make supers conversions with no hassle. The reason you've mentioned "bit more difficult to stop that drifting" is because this thing isn't drifting, it's at the brink of spinning out (wipeouts mebe, dunno wut they're actually called) and what you actually experienced is that.

**You're supposed to let go of the throttle at the turn apex or before attempting the turn, turn as much as you want, then stabilize the car from powersliding using the steering and then use the throttle when you know its stable. No track asphalt is going to keep the wheels on the tarmac whilst constantly throttling, even thru the turns - wipeouts wipeouts, everywhere. You've GOTT to make use of the brakes. I'm already attempting to make this better, but we're already thankful we came so far even under mm2's physics' limitations.

Hint : Its a hatch, so be it track or road tuning - its supposed to have grip instead. I accidentally discovered this feature.. Try initiating a drift / powerslide by applying the brakes - Criterion Style 8). Don't remember how I got this working but MM2 ACUALLY simulated a dangerously Rear biased 'Mastercylinder influenced' braking effect. Isn't anything related to race track n stuff, but was exciting to have as a first (unless its been done before, do tell me, I dunno. I've only been here a year :P). *blushes*. Now there never any need to imagine what it feels like to panic brake on highways in the USA.

- Hates grass. Didn't know it had feelings :oops:.

- I already gave the arcade + realistic tuning appropriate patches thingy (yes, with this car), but it felt boasty or braggy that I call my new handling work as Realistic :oops:. Thanks for reminding me about this, will do in the next pCARS or GRID series ones.

And the tuning / handling that you're using is the older one. The one I submitted Franch in the main archive 5 months ago and stopped caring before I made another vehcarsim. I lived the 5 months under assumption that I already sent him that, whereas I forgot to. I actually never cared about this car after submitting it. Here's that 'sorta' updated / corrected vehcarsim (with help from dummiesboy too, of course) and the L.A.M.E 16:9 dash I first made (non-franched version) - ...

- I think I mentioned "use only once" somewhere hidden in the readme, so if one was to even quick brush thru it, it is for sure impossible to grab one's attention. FXANBSS, you're an eye opener. And those kids will eventually grow up, hence don't bother :lol:.

But something bugs me tho. How do the kids manage to get a 9th PJ when the packs have .info files that limits to listing only 8 PJs :roll:. Spank them for me if you could, thanks. An wait... Host of multiplayer games ?

- Damage textures ? Like the bosses ? Nuh-uh. pCARS and all other archives have crappy damage textures, Forza included (has quality damages, but post damages in MM2 it turns out to look like a death race / mad max / post apocalyptic livery). So, I'm able to rip out my own textures from GRID 2 and making diffuse damages that look HQ is possible only with this. The damages in the Bosses is scratch made, and I still pat me in the back for that accomplished result.

And the durability to be realistic : a car in real life hits a lamp post at 40mph, it becomes immovable, and is later rendered useless. Heartbreaking if there's no insurance. So, apply a good insurance first and only the... wait, why am I saying this ? oh, I thought you mentioned realism, so.. oopsie :P. You're welcome to edit it anyway you like. Will keep the durability thingy in mind for the future ones too.

Its also surprising how you're expecting addon cars to be anything like "MM2 default cars". MM2 default cars tuning / handling are pure turd.

MM1 : This game with bad physics and awesomely done default car tuning. Team took the tuning to the physics engine's max potential.

MM2 : This game with hella awesome physics engine but with tuning...felt more like pied piper's mice stopped by for a coffee break at Angel Studios, tuned the default cars, took a sh*t and moved along towards realism and ruined mm3.
Break this wall if you can 8). You should start your MM2 car reviews thing, probably on YouTube. Loved the feedback. Would love to hear more
@Franch88, @mm2mm1fan, @sajmon14 and @FXANBSS - Thanks y'all, for the replies !! :D :wink:.

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 7:39 pm
Dat Merc dash is amazing BIGzee. :)

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 11:48 pm
- Car reviews with videos? Uh? My fps are bad when recording, that will never happen, unless you wait 10 years later until i get a crap PC that is able to run this game.
= Never. :(

- I am still too lazy to find a video editor actually, why i need to use it anyway?

EDIT: Franch is the only who can review the cars, no need to do it. :P
EDIT (To not make double post):
lol this car is painful to control, at high speed and it loses the control, that's extremely realistic. :P

I noticed that the car doesn't move when stuck, not like the default cars that moves when stuck.

... Wow, i got a great idea right now! Check the vehstuck of the Rv5 Moon Rover.

If you steer when you are upsidedown, then it will spin back to drive, just like someone is pushing the car, that's realistic and original!

Posted: Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:23 pm
by BIGzee
Wut ? You have a much more powerful PC than the maker of the car has, himself. After all, a solid 30 frames is troublingly enough to review a 15 year old game. Try it using anything that you feel, needs reviewing. The community could use some life in car conversions. Just don't get banned lol ... or become famous enough to attract lawsuits against the community.
lol this car is painful to control, at high speed and it loses the control, that's extremely realistic.
Painful is a relative term but if you tried that in cities, that's preposterous :P, but for tracks, there were some instances it gave even me cancer. I'll take this into consideration. Should've added some K's in the AngInertia values for the powertrain, and most definitely forward the brake bias a bit. Also, FUN FACT : Are the cops able to perform Pit Maneuvers on the car ? I worked on this purposely, and the rear biasing was the side effect of this. Its impossible to have too many handling features stuffed in one car, and this car is that overdone guinea pig.

Turn values in the vehstuck are welcome to be edited. Turns out even most wanted 12 behaves like mm2 in this case.

Aah, the rotation values like in Silent1Unknown's Veilside RX-7. If prevalent Make-believe is realism in your opinion... then this is 100% realistic. Kinda spooky too. Imaginary dung beetle giving a hand. Also, i couldn't find any vehstuck for the moon rover anywhere.. not even in the RV5 archives.

@BUGATTIMAN253MPH : Thanks man !!! :D :wink:


So its released. Site is kinda updated. Calling out to FXANBSS's Reviews. Handling is arcade this time.

Posted: Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:45 pm
by sajmon14
Great work on the karts! :D

Posted: Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:12 pm
by Franch88
Very good work, these karts are interesting to drive on circuit tracks. :wink:

Posted: Tue Mar 08, 2016 9:57 pm
No time for reviews, its school time for me right now, anyway that review i made is when i was bored so nothing to see here :P

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 10:26 am
by BIGzee
@sajmon14 : Thanks :D !!

@Franch88 : Thanks :D, and for the fixes too! The helmet animation used to be nasty.

@FXANBSS : Millions of subscribers left disappointed :vsad:. Do drop some when you have the time. Its a feel good thing with all that FXANBSS attention.